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Sultry bedroom jams.  Heartbreaking melodies.  Booming tracks with stadium-sized potential.  Whatever the setting, R&B crooner STEVEN P. commands attention and dares audiences not to sing along to his raw, dark, and sensual records. 

Born in Melbourne, STEVEN P. (Steven Pham) is an artist, songwriter, and music producer.  While singing and performing developed naturally at a young age, writing and producing began later in life.

Pham’s career took off after recording cover songs in his bedroom and uploading them to various social media sites.  After garnering a small following, he wrote several original tracks and officially started performing and producing as 'STEVEN P.' in 2018.

STEVEN P.’s versatility allows him to create freely and passionately.  Drawing inspiration from deeply personal and relatable experiences such as heartache, death, substance abuse, mental health, and more; his music is vulnerable, hard-hitting, and real.

In a piece by AAA Backstage, writer Jake Wilton asserts that STEVEN P. "flips from his soaring RnB to cutthroat hip-hop" on Naked, solidifying "his cyclical and complex persona". The praise doesn't end there, as Wilton likens STEVEN P. to The Weeknd, Joji, and James Blake, while also referring to him as “Australia’s answer to Frank Ocean“. He is an "RnB savant" who "uncompromisingly and surprisingly shakes the genre to its core.”

Of his newly released EP STAR-CROSSED, Wilton says that “from a technical and musical standpoint, the musician’s debut effort is flawless."

As STEVEN P. says, “I make music to help people.  If I’m honest with my listeners, then hopefully they’ll appreciate that I’ve given a glimpse of what really goes on in my head and will be able to relate. Making music is therapeutic for me too - but if I can help ease other people’s pain with my songs, then I’ve accomplished my goal. If you’re still reading, I want you to know that you are not alone and that you are loved.

Click HERE to listen to STEVEN P.’s debut EP STAR-CROSSED